Are you ready to take the next step in multifamily operations with property Management?

How much do you know about the business of property management?

Are you looking to build a property management company?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then this course is for you.

Property management is a business that involves

 Managing different kinds of people

 Managing Real estate, residents, contractors, and the day-to-day details

 Improving businesses operations

 Understanding the local laws and procedures

 Obtaining the keys to success for every property

Even if you don’t have any experience

This course is for you if:

 You are a new investor or property manager getting started

 Have some experience managing single family properties

 You are experienced property manager looking to sharpen your skills

Here are three keys designed to grow your property and management business this year.

 Build Relationships with tenants, vendors and owners

 Discover and grow the revenue to increase any properties value

 Develop the necessary leadership skills for success

 Maximize any properties profits

Follow my pathway to success and I will guarantee your success.

What else you will learn:

 Property Management basics and getting started

 Setting the qualification standards

 Screening the prospect

 Marketing and scheduling showings

 Understanding the lease process

 The move in and move out process

 Fair Housing

 Rents and collections

 The eviction processes

 The financial process and strategies

 Operational strategies

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